harold koh under attack

Well that didn't take long. A vocal (but seriously stupid) outcry from right-wing critics has sprouted up, protesting Harold Koh, President Obama's nominee for the top lawyer position at the State Department. It's the usual fear-mongering nonsense, characterizing Koh as dangerous and anti-American. You know, the usual Fox News bullshit.

But most outlandishly, they're painting Koh as a promoter of Sharia law. And to be honest, before I started hearing about all this, I had no idea what "Sharia" even was. I had to look it up. Having said that, Koh is not radical legal figure, and he has no interest in seeing traditional Islamic religious law overtake America.

But that's not what the multitude of right-wing voices want you to believe. They're jumping all over this one with full-force character assassination, like Harold Koh is some kind of nefarious, evil (I'm sure it helps that he's Asian) destroyer of all that is good and pure in America. Slate breaks it down, on why we need to stand by Harold Koh: And Then They Came for Koh ...

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