iran charges roxana saberi with espionage

More on Roxaana Saberi, the American freelance journalist who has been detained by the Iranian government since January 31.. According to an investigative judge, she has been charged with spying for the United States: Iran charges American journalist with espionage.

The espionage charge is a hell of a lot more serious than earlier statements by Iranian officials that the Saberi had been arrested for working in the Islamic Republic without press credentials, or speculation that she had been arrested after buying a bottle of wine.

Saberi, who grew up in North Dakota (a former Miss North Dakota, actually), and is a dual citizen of the U.S. and Iran, has been living in Iran for six years. She has reported from there for several news organizations, including NPR and the BBC.

How the hell did the charges jump from reporting without accredtation... to spying?!According to the judge, she is accused of gathering classified information, under the cover of a journalist, and passing it to U.S. intelligence services. She will reportedly stand trial next week.

The espionage charge definitely got the attention of the Obama administration, which has been pushing for her release. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is calling for a speedy release: Clinton Calls for Iran to Release American Reporter Charged With Spying. Let's hope this can actually happen. For more information go here: Free Roxana Saberi.

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