koh critics get schooled

So I'm guessing you've heard about the right-wing assault on Harold Hongju Koh, President Obama's pick for the top lawyer position at the State Department. They're making the crazy claims that Koh is dangerous, fanatical, and a promoter of Sharia law. Go on, Fox News, keep scaring the crap out of America with fear-mongering and misinformation. It's what you do best.

However, the Koh-is-the-anti-American-Devil movement took a major blow last week when Theodore Olson, the top conservative attorney who served under Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush, dismissed the attacks against Koh, defending the pick as a "man of great integrity": GOP Legal Heavy Ted Olson Dismisses Right-Wing Assault On Obama Nominee.

Olson, who was solicitor general under Bush, apparently has quite a bit of influence among conservatives, so his defense of Koh is likely to take the steam out of the right's campaign. Koh worked under Olson in the Reagan Justice Department. Take that, Koh haters. I think you just got schooled by one of your own.

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