lost: "some like it hoth"

This is my every-couple-of-weeks update on what's been happening on Lost... Just wanted to note that last night's episode was all about Miles "He Talks To Dead People" Straume, which means that actor Ken Leung had the spotlight.

Miles has been a bit of an enigma since the show introduced him at the beginning of last season, and while he quickly became one of my favorite characters, we haven't had much information to go on. What's up with his special ability? What's his connection with the island? Why $3.2 million?

There were definitely some interesting revelations -- a few things that many astute fans saw coming -- but I won't mention them here just yet. I heard from too many angry folks last time saying that "spoiled" Jin's resurrection. But come on, it already aired. If you're a real fan, you tuned in last night! (Seriously, in the age of Tivo and TV on DVD, how long does one have to wait before safely discussing what happened on a show?)

Things are starting to come together. Anyway, Ken Leung was fantastic as usual. The episode also featured Francois Chau returning as Dr. Pierre Chang, Leslie Ishii as Miles' mother and Lance Ho as Young Miles. All around, a good episode that felt way too short -- I wanted more!

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