no visas for vietnamese

The Los Angeles Times has a story on aging Vietnamese immigrants in the United States who have been separated from their families overseas for years, but prevented from being reunited because of strict visa rules: Visa rules widen the rift between Vietnam and U.S. families.

It's increasingly becoming as issue among Vietnamese immigrants as those who fled as refugees to the United States at the end of the Vietnam War now grow old. Many have been separated for decades from siblings, parents and children still in Vietnam. In recent years, as Vietnam's economy boomed, relatives suddenly had the financial means to travel to the U.S for reunions or final gatherings.

However, they're finding that's not so easy. It's often sad, because many of these families just want to travel to the United States to say their final goodbyes to aging and ailing relatives. But many families find themselves entangled in the long, arduous visa process. And unfortunately from some, time is running out.

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