oh no you did not just try to stump steven chu

This is hilarious, in a you're-a-freaking-idiot kind of way. According to his Twitter, Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX) seems to be under the smug impression that he "baffled" Secretary of Energy Steven Chu -- make that Nobel Prize-winning Secretary of Energy Steven Chu -- with a basic science question: Rep. Joe Barton: I 'Stumped' Nobel Prize Winning Scientist.

Barton, so savvy with the Tweeting, is referring to this exchange, in which he asks Chu -- I kid you not -- where oil comes from. The Congressman seems to interpret Chu's stumbly response as a "gotcha!" moment. No, dude. Dr. Chu is just "baffled" by the fact that anyone would waste his time with such a dumbass question.

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