remember that miley cyrus lawsuit?

Despite her documented love of goofy, racist gestures, it seems that America still loves Miley Cyrus, with Hannah Montana The Movie taking the top spot at the box office over the weekend. Some folks, however, aren't letting it go that easily.

Remember Lucie J. Kim? She's the woman who filed a lawsuit against Miley Cyrus on behalf of all Asian Pacific Islander Americans in Los Angeles County. That suit is still ongoing. I heard from Henry M. Lee, the attorney representing Ms. Kim, who tells me Miley Cyrus has resonded to the lawsuit:
We received a response from Miley Cyrus to the lawsuit. As expected, she filed a demurrer, which is a type of motion to dismiss the case. What I wanted you to know is what Cyrus argues in her papers....here is a direct quote:

"If Plaintiff or others were offended by Defendant's facial expression as depicted in the intended private photograph, then they are free to not patronize Defendant's Image --- or at least stop being a fan." Demurrer, p. 12, lines 14-16.
Wait, so basically, she's saying if Asians are offended by mocking, racist gestures, then they just stop being a fan. Oh, it's as easy that, right? Once again, it's all on us. The "offended." Obviously, this is not over. I'm sure there will be more on the Miley lawsuit to come...

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