terrible t-shirt: bwuce wee

Really bad t-shirt alert. As a Bruce Lee fan, I am insulted: Bwuce Wee. But even if I wasn't much a Bruce fan, it's really the description on the website that bugs the hell out of me, simply because it's so idiotic:
Hand's down, one of the gleatest, malsharr altists of oul time.

Bwuce Wee can kick you ass all ovar da prace.

One time he defeat da one hunderd ninja all by himself. And he did it using onry his big toe.
Really? The R/L mixup? You're really going to put that on a shirt? Who is the fool that came up with this brilliant gag? Who the hell still thinks this is actually funny? It was never funny, and this shirt is not funny. That's racist!

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