tufts students refuse to be silent

More community action over the hate incident that occurred at Tufts University earlier this month, involving a drunk freshman idiot who harassed and physically assaulted some Korean American students: Alleged bias incident against Korean students prompts widespread reaction.

The administration has opened a judicial investigation into the incident. Meanwhile, student groups on campus have organized an effort to get the word out about the incident. About 200 people gathered for a rally on Thursday afternoon, calling for the administration to take action: Rally goers: We will not be silenced.

Of course, the freshman denies ever instigating the fight, claiming the Korean American students are actually the ones started the fight. He does admis shouting obscenities after the fight, but denies uttering any racial slurs. And his totally awesome friends are totally backing him on that.

Right. So the KSA students made the whole damn thing up -- they were in the middle of rehearing their dance routine, but decided to take a break to pick a fight with the drunk guy. And the drunk guy was there because he was just genuinely taking an interest in Korean students... and dancing. At 2:00 o'clock in the morning.

Another racist incident on a college campus. How will the Tufts administration respond? How many more of these have to happen until someone finally listens and does something about it? How many more people have to stand up and shout and rally before the same old ignorant shit stops?

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