vote iris macadangdang for name of the year

This is kind of awesome. Julia informs me that her Filipina American friend, Iris Macadangdang, is a finalist in the running for 2009 Name of the Year. Founded in 1983, it's apparently a yearly event, sort of like a March Madness-styled showdown, in which real, actual awesome names are recognized and honored.

How have I never heard of this before? It is awesome. This year, the competition comes down to Ms. Macadangdang and a dude named Barkevious Mingo. While both are stunning, amazing names, it is clear to me who should be the winner. I am casting my ballot for Iris Macadangdang!

Vote here through April 27. And learn more about the Macadangdang Movement here. You know what would be really cool? If she wins, I think Iris Macadangdang should meet up with Texas state Rep. Betty Brown to discuss names that are "easier for Americans to deal with."

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