yee introduces language discrimination bill

This week in California, state Senator Leland Yee introduced a bill to ban discrimination at work sites because of language. The proposal makes it illegal to prohibit the use of any language at a work site without a justified business necessity: Language Discrimination Bill Goes To Capitol.

Yee was apparently inspired by the Ladies Professional Golf Association's unwise proposal last year to suspend foreign players -- many of them from South Korea -- if they didn't meet an English language requirement. The LPGA eventually backed down from the rule under a barrage of criticism.

The state's Fair Employment and Housing Act already protects the language rights of employees of a business, except for justifiable reasons. By using the civil rights act, Yee's bill would broaden those protections for patrons or contract workers at a work site where they are not direct employees. More here: California state senator sends a message on language, discrimination.

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