boys arrested for threatening to rape asian girl

Read this, and I just felt sick... Last week in Boulder, Colorado, two middle school students were arrest on suspicion of harassment and a bias-motivated crime after they called a 12-year-old girl and threatened to rape and kill her because she's Asian American: Police: Boulder boys threatened to rape 12-year-old.

According to police, the boys are suspected of calling the girl's cell phone and using explicit and violent language to describe raping her. The girl hung up, and the boys called back and left two messages threatening her:
The girl answered the first call, but her parents intercepted the other messages," Huntley said. "They didn't pick up the phone, but they listened to the messages and shielded their daughter from hearing them."

The messages included details about damaging the girl's genitals, Huntley said.

"In the messages, they indicated that they wanted to have sex with her because she was Asian," Huntley said. "That is the basis for charging them with a bias-motivated crime."
The girl's parents reported the incident to police the next day, and the two 13-year-olds were brought to Boulder County's juvenile detention center. Another 10-year-old boy -- initially thought to be 9 -- was also later arrested and charged.

These are kids we're talking about. Where the hell do they even learn this kind of hateful, disgusting behavior? I don't know what kind of punishment these criminal charges entail, but whatever is, I hope it involves getting these kids some serious help... because they really need it.

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