congressman mike honda apologizes for bad "irish" joke

Uh oh. Congressman Mike Honda, in making a pseudo-endorsement for Boston mayoral candidate Sam Yoon, apparently offended some folks with an Irish joke. Last week at the annual dinner of the Asian American Action Fund in Washington DC, Rep. Honda said Yoon was ready to be mayor, declaring, "Boston has been waiting for a long time, because the Irish have had it": Irish eyes frown at lawmaker's quip.

The article doesn't really indicate who was offended by the joke, if anyone. But Honda apologized this week for his "insensitive remark." In a written statement, he explained, "In the spirit of supporting efforts to help elect Asian American and Pacific Islander candidates to office, I made an attempt at being humorous that unfortunately came out as a statement that was offensive. I did not mean to offend anyone or any community, and I deeply regret my comment."

It's true. It's not a very good joke. I barely even understand it. But it's good to see a man like Mike Honda take full responsibility and apologize for it immediately, however mild or minor it might have been. If only other foot-in-mouth figures -- politicians, celebrities or otherwise -- would act in the same manner...

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