newt gingrich's "american problem"

A group of Uighurs, a Chinese Muslim minority, who have been detained for more than six years and counting at the American prison at Guantanamo Bay, are firing back at Newt Gingrich, who has accused them of terrorist ties and says that releasing them into the United States would endanger the country: Uighurs Fire Back At Gingrich From Gitmo: "Why Does He Hate Us So Much?"

The Bush administration has cleared the Uighurs for release; five have already been released to third countries. If returned to China, there's a high probability they'd be tortured. A burgeoning Uighur community in Northern Virginia has offered to take them in, but Gingrich and others are objecting, questioning why the Uighurs are "an American problem."

Hey Newt, they're "an American problem" because we've had them in United States' custody for six years for no real freaking reason. Declassified documents show that government officials concluded as early as 2003 that the Uighurs weren't enemy combatants and had recommended releasing them. And yet they've been stuck in prison limbo with nowhere to go.

So can you blame them for being a little angry back at this assclown? Before his outburst, the Uighurs had no idea who the hell Newt Gingich was. I think it's also rather apparent that Gingrich has no idea who the Uighurs really are either. That, unfortunately, is the real American problem.

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