planet b-boy being adapted into a studio feature film

Cool movie news... Just read that Benson Lee is going to adapt his 2007 documentary Planet B-Boy into a major studio feature film: Screen Gems in step with 'Planet B-Boy'. If you recall my interview with Benson Lee last year, he mentioned that he was working on this. Looks like it's happening.

The documentary focused on the international world of B-boying, and how the art of breaking has evolved and gone global, following dancers in crews from 18 nations vying for title of world champion at the annual Battle of the Year finals in Berlin. If you haven't seen the film, I can't recommend it enough. It's just a fascinating, crowd-pleasing movie. Put it on your Netflix queue right now.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, this new film will tell the story of "a legendary b-boy crew that must return to its roots to reclaim the world championship by competing against the top international breakdancing teams." The take is described as 8 Mile meets The Warriors.

The studio is apparently still looking for a writer. Benson says he decided to adapt the documentary into a narrative film when he realized "there was a lack of very real street dance films out there." You hear that? Benson is taking it to the streets, suckas!

I know it's still pretty early in the process, but I definitely don't think it would be out of the question to hope for some Asian American characters included in the mix here, given how there's no shortage of really talented Asian American b-boys, and America has seen all-or-mostly Asian American crews completely dominate ABDC for three seasons. I'm just saying, people need to recognize.

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