roxana saberi speaks

Now that Roxana Saberi is safely back in the United States, she's been doing a bunch of press interviews, speaking about her three-month ordeal in Iranian prison on charges of spying for the U.S.: Roxana Saberi Released From Iranian Prison 'With My Head Held High'.

Here's the in-depth interview segment she did with Melissa Block for NPR's All Things Considered: Roxana Saberi On Her Imprisonment In Iran. I recommend listening to the audio of the full 25-minute interview.

She explains the events that led to her arrest, her four months in a Tehran prison, why she gave a false confession (under psychological duress), and her take on evidence that was used against her that resulted in a speedy trial on April 13. To this day, she doesn't know why she was arrested -- or why she was freed.

I'm glad she's safely back to tell her story. I hope and pray that we'll eventually -- sooner than later -- see the safe release of Euna Lee and Laura Ling from North Korean prison, and they'll be back home to tell their stories too.

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