steven puruggana, champion cup stacker

News from the crazy, rough-and-tumble world of... cup stacking. Here's a Wall Street Journalstory on Steven Purugganan, an 11-year cup stacking world champion. Yes, that's right. Champion: In This Sport, It's All About How You Stack Up Against the Competition.

I have seen videos of cup-stacking competitions before, and it has to be one of the strangest "sports" I've ever seen anyone devote energy to. Some kids play basketball. Some kids take up badminton. And some kids stack cups.

Steven, a sixth-grader from Longeadow, Massachusetts, is the current record-holder, and something of a star in the sport. Two weeks ago, nearly 700 athletes from all over world gathered in Denver for the World Sport Stacking Championships. Steven, representing Team USA, set a new world record. Want to see the kid in action? Click here. It's crazy... but kind of amazing.

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