tammy and victor win the amazing race!

This is the first time I've ever watched a season of The Amazing Race in its entirety. The reason? Tammy and Victor, the super smart, totally telegenic Chinese American brother/sister lawyer team from California -- strong, clever competitors from beginning to end. And last night, in the finale, Tammy and Victor crossed the finish line first. And damn, that felt good to see.

You do not know how angry I would have been if that cheerleader team had won. You ever wonder why the rest of the world thinks Americans are loud, rude and ignorant? It's because of people like Jaime and Cara. Taxi karma sucks.

A globe-trotting trek around the world, surviving all the crazy stuff they had to do... and the Asian American team came out on top! Sure, it definitely helped in the China leg of the race, where the two both spoke fluent Mandarin... but they endured their share of roadblocks and challenging moments too. In the end, it was sooooo awesome to see them win. Congratulations, Tammy and Victor!

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