the world's tallest basketball player

Ever wonder what happened to Sun Mingming? Recently caught an update on Yahoo's front page... A couple of years ago, the 7-foot-9 Chinese center was being looked at as a possible prospect for the NBA. He would've been the tallest player in the league's history -- even taller than 7-foot-6 Yao Ming (the current tallest) -- but it didn't work out.

These days, he's still playing, having completed the most successful season of his pro carer and helping the Hamamatsu Phoenix to a first-place finish in the Eastern Conference of Japan's professional league: China's Sun shining in Japanese basketball league.

Damn, that is one tall dude. Oh, and let's not forget Sun Mingming's towering appearance in Rush Hour 3. No, wait. On second thought, let's forget that. And anything else having to do with the Rush Hour movies...

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