the asian "earthbending boy"

The latest news in the disastrous-looking Last Airbender movie that's currently in production... According to fansite LastAirbenderFilm.com, the big-budget live action adaptation has cast 10-year-old Korean American actor Isaac Jin Solstein in a role officially identified as "Earthbending Boy." Wow, a supporting role with no real name. Though fans of the original cartoon will proabably infer that this is likely the character of Haru.

Great for young Isaac, who reportedly holds a black belt in Tang Soo Do and Soo Bahk Do. My guess is, the producers are hoping that casting an actual Asian kid in a bit role will quell some of the fan uproar over the business-as-usual whitewashing of Avatar's lead hero roles. Then again, it's also fairly likely the studio really doesn't give a damn either way. More here: New Last Airbender Casting Stays On Right Side Of Racebending Debate?

I'm told that Paramount is touting Isaac's acting experience and martial arts exptertise, which I'm sure are great... but if Isaac is so awesome, why isn't he playing the ethnically Asian lead character, Aang, instead of acting newcomer Noah Ringer (who happens to be Caucasian)? Well, at least Ringer's stunt double is an asskicking Asian woman, Jade Quon. Watch her demo reel here. (Thanks, Marissa.)

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