because you're worth it. well, maybe not you.

In France, cosmetics giant L'Oreal has been found guilty of racial discrimination for considering black, Arab and Asian women unworthy of selling its shampoo. The company apparently sought an all-white team of sales staff to promote Garnier Fructis Style: French cosmetics giant L'Oreal guilty of racial discrimination.

The word went out that Garnier's hostesses should BBR -- "bleu, blanc, rouge" -- the colors of the French flag. This is apparently widely recognized in the French recruitment world as a code for white French people born to white French parents, in effect excluding the four million or so members of ethnic minorities in France.

France's high court ruled that the policy was illegal under French employment law, upholding a ruling given by the Paris Appeal Court in 2007. Perhaps L'Oreal should partner up with Abercrombie & Fitch to develop a whole new super-white inter-company beauty philosophy. That's racist!

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