the miley cyrus lawsuit is still kicking

Remember Lucie Kim's lawsuit against Miley Cyrus? She sued Miley for defaming Asian Americans in those dumbass photos of her doing the "chink eye" gesture that circulated earlier this year. Well, the lawsuit is still alive and kicking. Specifically, kicking out the judge assigned to the case.

Lucie Kim and her lawyer Henry Lee claim Judge Robert Hess crossed the line in a hearing earlier this month by repeatedly referring to Asians as "oriental"... which we all know is an outdated, offensive derogatory term these days. Looks like someone didn't get the memo.

Kim and Lee want Judge Hess to remove himself from the case. I don't blame them -- a judge who casually refers to Asians as "Oriental" sounds like the last guy you want presiding over your discrimination case. He's just not going to get it. That's racist!

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