triple murderer sentenced to 200 years

In San Francisco, 27-year-old Joseph Melcher has been sentenced to a term of 200 years to life in prison for murdering three people -- all Asian -- in two separate 2006 shootings: Man gets 200 years for S.F. shootings.

Melcher was convicted last of shooting to death 21-year-old Robert Stanford in San Francisco's Portola neighborhood in August 2006, and 34-year-old Song Sun Lee and 22-year-old Kam Yan Li later that year in Japantown.

All of the victims were of Asian descent, and the prosecutor argued that the crimes were racially motivated. For whatever reason, the jury in San Francisco Superior Court did not agree, but did convict Melcher of nine felony counts of murder, attempted murder and assault.

The judge sentenced Melcher to consecutive terms of 50 years to life, and other prison sentences for the lesser crimes, all of which added up to the total of 200 years to life. Good riddance. More here: Man sentenced to life in prison for 2006 San Francisco murders.

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