two teens charged in murder of sleeping man

This is utterly sickening... In Flushing, Queens, two teens -- Corey Azor, 16, of Queens, and Chris Levy, 17, of Manhattan -- have been charged with the robbery and murder of 49-year-old David Kao, a Chinese newspaper executive: 2 Teenagers Are Accused of Killing Sleeping Man.

The two were apparently out with a group, spotted a double-parked Lexus sport utility vehicle with a man asleep inside, and hatched a plan to steal his cash and car. They put Kao in a chokehold and ended up strangling him to death: TWO TEENS TARGETING ASIANS ARRAIGNED FOR MURDER.

Levy and Azor were charged with second-degree murder, robbery and possession of stolen property. A third suspect, 17-year-old Keron Wilthshire, was charged with possession of stolen property, the Lexus.

According to authorities, this wasn't the first time the teens had preyed on Asian men in Flushing. They've also been charged in a similar robbery from last month, where they robbed Jin Tong Yuan of $60 and his cell phone.

Basically, these guys -- kids, basically -- have been targeting and robbing Asians for kicks. That's racist! Oh, and did I mention that Azor is the stepson of a New York City cop: Step-son of cop, pal arrested in carjacking death of Chinese media exec.; preyed on Asians - cops.

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