"asian hottie" wanted for car photo shoot

Oh, brother. Madeline sends this pathetic Craigslist posting from some guy looking for an "Asian Hottie" to pose next to his car. He apparently loves his car (probably a little too much), and loves Asian women (also probably a little too much), so his genius idea is to put them together for his personal little photo-op:
Asian Hottie Wanted for Photoshoot (mountain view)

Date: 2009-07-15, 1:15PM PDT


I'm looking for a hot asian female to pose next to my smoking Black Dodge Charger. I love this car & I Love Asian women, so why not combine the two in a commemorative photo? Please wear something sexy (up to your discretion) and be ready for a lovely summertime photo-shoot. You can keep digital copies of the photos for you portfolio, show off how good you look, show your grandchildren... Don't let your beauty fade without some type of historical proof! ;^)

Thank you.

* it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
* Compensation: 100 Dollars cash bucks
You are a sad, sad man, Mr. Black Dodge Charger. It's not quite enough for him to just admire the latest cover of Import Tuner or whatever. He wants to create his own little Asian/auto-fetish photo shoot. Oh, I'm sorry -- I mean, "commemorative photo." And ladies, if you're out there, perhaps considering answer this ad... please, do yourself a favor. Respect yourself.

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