the atom for d.c. mayor

He's the candidate we've all been waiting for. DC Comics superhero The Atom is running for mayor of Washington, D.C. No problem is too small! With a long record of standing up for the little guy, he'll fight for you to put the city back on track. But he needs your vote: The Atom for D.C. Mayor.

The Atom, also known by the alias Ryan Choi, is best known for his ability to shrink to any size, even to the subatomic level.

Of course, we all know that for several years The Atom has utilized his powers and background in science to defend D.C. against purveyors of evil magic. Amongst such battles against evil magic, none has been more legendary than his fight with M'nagalah, the notorious ancient Cancer God and his microscopic aliens known as The Waiting. The Atom's strengths were enough to guard off the invaders and spare D.C. from catastrophe.

As mayor, the Atom will work on a wide range of issues of importance to District residents, including the economy, environment, education, health and public safety. He pledges to improve the quality of life in D.C. and resolve many of the city's plaguing problems. Learn more about the Atom and his stance on the hard issues here.

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