fundraising help for steven lee

I get a lot of messages and requests from folks asking for help spreading the word about individuals in need of medical help. It's tough, because I just can't write about all of them, but it's so hard to say no. I recently heard from Pitt, who tells me about Steven Lee, a friend seriously in need of funding for medical expenses. Here's his story:
I am writing to you in hopes of garnering some help for a close friend who was in a rock climbing accident in Upstate New York a few months ago. Because of the accident, he sustained a crushed hip, fractured leg, and a major neck injury. After several surgeries his leg and hip has healed, but because of his neck injury, is unable to move and feel anything below his shoulders voluntarily. His name is Steven Lee, and he has been going through intense rehabilitation at the Kessler Institute. Because of his inner strength, sheer will, determination, and the intense therapy he has been receiving, Steve's body is showing signs of progress everyday. His body can now feel sensations, and just quite recently has been able to move a finger. His body is slowly trying to heal itself and understandably, Doctors are reluctant to make any types of prognosis in terms of his recovery. It has been an uphill climb but he has been fighting everyday.

Due to the insurance industry and his medical expenses, it has become necessary for all of Steve's friends and family to start fund raising so that we can make sure he gets the best care possible. Without this care they will send him home and we fear all the progress Steve has made thus far will be for naught.

Fortunately, there is a company that keeps an accounting of the funds and makes sure they are dispersed for Steve's medical expenses only. If all of us could engage everyone we know, and all the groups we know, we could reach out and make a huge difference in Steve's recovery. He is one of the most sincere and giving persons I know and we are all trying to lift him and his parents up and over this seemingly unconquerable mountain.
Maybe you know Steve. You probably don't. But if he has a friend is Pitt who willing to reach out like this on his behalf, you can at least take a moment to hear more about his situation. You can find out more, and donate to Steven's fund here: NTAF Mid-Atlantic Spinal Cord Injury Fund.

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