hayao miyazaki makes a rare u.s. appearance

If you're headed to San Diego this weekend for Comic-Con (you might already be there), you have the rare opportunity to see master director Hayao Miyazaki -- the mind behind the some of the greatest animated films of all time: Japan's Master Animator to Be Honored in U.S. Visit.

The normally very private Mr. Miyazaki will be in the U.S. to promote his latest film, Ponyo, which will be released here next month. He'll not only be at Comic-Con, but he'll be there to address a room full of 6,500 admirers. This is a guy who didn't even show up to collect his Oscar for Spirited Away!

So an appearance stateside is a pretty big deal. Fanboys, prepare yourselves (but be polite). The man is not only a great in feature animation, but one of the greatest storytellers of all time, period.

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