a real life john doe

Here's an amusing New York Times story about John Doe. A 40-year-old Korean American software programmer whose actual name is John Doe, no joke: Meet John Doe. No, Really!

At age 11, Jang Do chose the name for himself when he immigrated to the United States from Korea. He changed "Jang" to "John" and "Do" to "Doe" (makes the pronunciation less confusing) and has been "John Doe" every since.

This, of course, has not made his life simple. John Doe gets funny looks all the time. And he apparently gets stopped by airport security every time he flies. It also makes meeting women and dating a little awkward.

But judging from the article, he doesn't really seem to mind the hassle associated with his name. It's his name, after all. And, ironically, having a name like John Doe actually makes him kind of unique. John H. Doe, to be precise.

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