sotomayor on nunchucks (yes, that's right)

I never thought I'd hear nunchucks being discussed during a Supreme Court confirmation hearing, but hey, there's a first time for everything. This week, Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah questioned Judge Sonia Sotomayor on Maloney v. Rice, a case that involved the banning of the martial arts weapon.

The mention of nunchucks, which Sotomayor judged to be a deadly weapon and thus subject to a ban in New York, apparently sparked off a huge flurry of searches for "nunchucks" and the alternate spelling "nunchaku": Did Somebody Say "Nunchucks"?

And of course, we had folks like Conan O'Brien coming up with funny bits like the one above, featuring Judge Sotomayor selling the finer points of the deadly weapon in an infomercial: Sotomayor's Nunchucks
Sotomayo're gonna get your face bashed in!

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