the sure thing: the making and unmaking of golf phenom michelle wie

Just four years ago, few athletes promised the kind of seemingly limitless potential exhibited by Michelle Wie. Just a young teenager, she was rocking the professional golf world. Today, she's definitely not quite the same Michelle Wie everyone was expecting her to be. What happened?

ESPN.com has an excerpt from a new book, The Sure Thing: The Making and Unmaking of Golf Phenom Michelle Wie by Eric Adelson: Family decisions likely derailed Wie. According to the book's website, it's described as a "gripping and intimate portrait of the meteoric rise, fall and uncertain future of the greatest sports phenom of the 21st century."

The Honolulu Advertiser also has several excerpts from the book. Part One: From the start, Wie oozed talent, drive. Part Two: Wie set her sights on being first woman in The Masters. Part Three: Wie turned pro with Hollywood touch. And Part Four: Wie on downswing but looking ahead. Don't know if the book's any good as a whole, but I'm definitely curious.

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