vague asian spirituality in the palm of your hand

What's up with this commercial for the Palm Pre? It's a cool effect (no doubt, inspired by the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony)... too bad it's achieved by one weird, massive, vaguely spiritual Asian stereotype: New Palm Pre Ad Is Chock Full of Elaborately Choreographed Prison Inmates.

The ad was inspired by the Pre's ability "to let you effortlessly flow among all your life's diverse dimensions." It was apparently filmed entirely in China, with real Chinese kung fu students. Because, baby, you can't half-ass Asian spirtuality.

What an amazing device. With the Pre, you will have a subservient, well-choreographed Asian horde in the palm of your hand! Of course, the Gizmodo headline is a reference to the Cebu prison inmates. Hey, they're all wearing orange jumpsuits too.

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