bill clinton in north korea to negotiate release of euna lee and laura ling

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton has gone to North Korea to negotiate the release of Euna Lee and Laura Ling, the American journalists who were sentenced to twelve years of hard labor for illegally entering North Korean territory: Bill Clinton in North Korea to Seek Release of U.S. Reporters.

We've been following this story for months. The journalists were detained by soldiers on March 17 near the North Korean border with China. In June, they were sentenced to 12 years in a North Korean prison camp for "committing hostilities against the Korean nation and illegal entry."

Finally, some movement. There's been talk of sending a special envoy for weeks. According to North Korean station Central TV, Mr. Clinton landed in Pyongyang early Tuesday. This marks his first public mission on behalf of the Obama administration -- let's hope he flies back with Euna and Laura.

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