internet fans spark "save eugene park" movement

Last week, I started getting forwarded emails about the plight of Korean American violinist Eugene Park, alleging that he has essentially been enslaved and abused for years by his management in Korea: Fans Seek to Save Violinist From Abuse.

Once hailed as a musical genius, Park is a U.S.-born electric violinist who entered Julliard Pre-College at the age of 8. He entered into the spotlight in the late 1990s in Korea and released three albums from 1997 to 2006.

But according to internet posters, Park has been a slave to his former agency for the last five years. He was allegedly imprisoned in his room, kept from contacting family, had his violin taken away from him when he "misbehaved," was physically beaten, and emotionally abused. And all the money he's earned has apparently been stolen from him.

I was initially wary of posting about this, because all I could find on the matter were other blogs posting the same forwarded email over and over again. But a "Save Eugene Park" movement has been picking up serious cyber-steam, fueled by fan-made videos of Park looking "mentally unstable." And you know once Korean netizens get a hold on something, there's no stopping them.

Because of all the controversy, Park has recently been giving interviews to explain his situation. He says he was indeed abused and sometimes cheated out of money, but he's moved on. He's apparently with new management, and wants to focus on rebuilding his music career: Gifted violinist says he wants to move forward.

UPDATE: Fans are not convinced Eugene Park's life will be any better with his "new" management, even with all the recent press attention. Here's a video explaining his plight: saving campaine-we love you, eugene park!

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