korean kittens!

Saw this awesome video linked last week over on the MTV Iggy Blog and I had to share it. It's a girl group known as the Korean Kittens performing "Can't Buy Me Love" on BBC's Tonight Programme in 1964. Yes, this was an actual musical act back in the day.

One of the Korean Kittens, Yoon Bok-hee, is now referred to as the "Mother of Korean Musicals", having performed the role of Mary Magdalene in Jesus Christ Superstar for 20 years from 1980.

It was after seeing a performance by Yoon in Singapore that show promoter Charles Owe asked her to join the Korean Kittens, and they subsequently came to London to perform on the Tonight show.

The Kittens went on to tour extensively, even entertaining US troops on the USS Bennington for Bob Hope's 1966 Christmas special. I don't know about you, but I think those moves are fierce. Wonder Girls ain't got nothing on the Korean Kittens.

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