nba bans kings scout for gambling

Asian behaving badly... sports gambling edition! The NBA has banned former Sacramento Kings assistant director Jack Mai for betting money on league games, including those involving the Kings: NBA bans Kings scout for gambling on team.

The league informed teams in a memo last week that an investigation revealed Mai bet on NBA games "limited to small amounts of money among acquaintances and there is no evidence that he ever attempted to use his position with the Kings to influence the outcome of any NBA game."

The NBA told teams they can never employ, nor use Mai in a consultant's capacity. League rules forbid employees from betting on any NBA games, especially those involving their own teams. Mai apparently bet on the Kings' games for years, "some for, and some against."

Business partners of Mai reportedly tipped the NBA to his betting. After eight years with the organization, the Kings fired Mai early in 2009. Besides the gambling investigation, Mai apparently had "questionable business dealings with Korean and Chinese basketball teams and leagues."

Oh, not the shady Asian dealings! According to a league source, Mai was using his position with the Kings to make business deals for players, equipment, etc., and appearances by NBA players in Asia for money. Looks like he'll have to take those questionable business dealings elsewhere now.

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