photoshop fail: just add brown/yellow heads for diversity

Another so-bad-it's-hilarious Photoshop job... This pamphlet for the American Petroleum Institute, given out a forum earlier this month, appears to show oil and gas industry employees as a racially diverse group of people. Hooray for the natural gas industry. Oh, but wait a minute: Oil Lobby Photo Altered To Present Racially Diverse Image.

Indeed, diversity can be Photoshopped. Just look a little more carefully. This stock photo shows the same group, but whiter. Two people whiter. The API pamphlet appears to have added a dark-skinned guy (third from the left) and an East Asian dude (second from the right, front row). Instant faux diversity! Just add color!

It seems that whoever put together this awesome pamphlet altered the heads of the stock photo's two white dudes to make them appear, um, more colorful. Best part: the brown guy's hand is still rather Caucasian. He should probably get that checked out.

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