psa: cute kids talk hepatitis b

This PSA spot, featuring some very cute kids talking about Hepatitis B vaccinations, will start airing on Bay Area stations next month. It's produced by HepBMoms.org, part of the Asian Liver Center at Stanford University, in an effort to get the word out about Hep B immunizations. Here's another cute one with just two of the kids.

There are 370 million people worldwide chronically infected with hepatitis B, the leading cause of liver cancer. The majority of those with chronic infection acquired it from mother-to-child transmission at birth or during early childhood.

Like the kid says, one in ten Asians have chronic hepatitis B -- the leading cause of liver cancer. One in ten! A million people die of this disease every year, but it is entirely preventable through vaccinations and protective shots given at birth.

HepBMoms is an online resource for pregnant mothers, perinatal hepatitis B prevention program coordinators, health care providers, and anyone who is concerned about hepatitis B. On the site you'll find interactive discussion boards, the latest up-to-date information, news about what's being done in your area, downloadable videos and educational materials, and ways you can help.

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