toby keith does the chink-eye... at the nobel peace prize party

So... Toby Keith was recently partying with Will Smith and Wyclef Jean at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert. Yeah, you read that right, and whatever part of it that's weird to you, just go with it. Having trouble believing it? There's some video proof right here.

However, it seems that the country music singer -- the guy behind "Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue (The Angry American)" -- is not immune to the chink-eye. Yes, the slant-eye gesture. The universal gesture for "chink." Toby did it:
Will Smith, Toby Keith Nobel rap video captures Toby's racist faux paux

The Fresh Prince is up there, rapping lyrics from the Sugarhill Gang's "Rapper's Delight": "to the black, to the white, the red, and the brown, the purple and yellow." On that last word, Toby went for it -- yup, dude reached up and pulled his eyes back. You know, in case you didn't get it. Yellow. Get it? That's racist!

His appearance in Oslo was already weird and controversial enough. What the hell was Keith, an extremely vocal, unabashed supporter of U.S. war efforts, doing at a Nobel Peace Prize concert in the first place? Throw in the chink-eye, and a lot of people are now wondering who/why invited this fool to the party.

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