man awarded $130,000 in racist attack

Some news out of Australia... In Sydney, a man has been ordered by a court to pay more than $130,000 for the brutal, unprovoked, racially-motivated attack on an Asian man four years ago: Defendant must give victim $130,000.

David Chia was sitting in a car with his girlfriend outside his home when they were approached by a group of men who emerged from a nearby property, and then later attacked:
But later that evening, when the men approached in their cars, Mr Chia's foot was struck by one of the vehicles and he was set upon.

He told his girlfriend to drive away as the men began punching him and kicking his head as he lay on the ground.

Mr Wickenden yelled: "You f***ing Asian, I'm going to kill you, you gook," the court heard.

Mr Chia ran past his home, where he knew his parents to be sleeping, as he was afraid the men would follow him there.

He ran down the driveway of a nearby property, where Mr Wickenden caught up with him, striking him on the back and the head with a garden stake he had taken from a neighbouring front yard.
Shuan Wickenden was convicted of the assault and fined $1000, but his co-offenders apparently remain at large. Chia suffered a broken leg partial facial nerve palsy and neck and shoulder injuries. He was on crutches for more than six months and continues to suffer post traumatic stress.

The judge awarded Chia $130,505, including $75,000 in general damages and $40,000 in aggravated and exemplary damages. That's racist!

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