a video game called ching chong beautiful

Lots of folks recently wrote in to call attention to a crappy racist internet flash game called Ching Chong Beautiful. Surely, you say, it cannot be as bad as it sounds. Oh, it is. I played it, just to make sure.

To be honest, I didn't get very far in the game, but I saw enough. The premise is based on those wacky Japanese game shows, which is okay, but the damn game is populated with all these ridiculous Asian caricatures and stereotypes. And of course, there's the title.

A lot of folks first heard about the game through The Escapist, which recently chose Ching Chong Beautiful as its Alt+Escape weekly pick, calling it "kind-of-offensive-but-actually-really-funny." See for yourself, I guess.

Latoya at Racialicious also recently wrote detailed piece on Ching Chong Beautiful, breaking down the game -- and the ensuing controversy -- quite nicely: Ching Chong Beautiful Exposes Racism in Video Game Design.

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