man loses leg in dui crash

This is a crazy story out of Seattle about a guy named Jason Wong, who was hit by an alleged drunk driver on the street in December -- and survived. But the accident changed his life forever: DUI amputee leaves hospital.

Jason was hit by a Corvette while he was helping unload luggage from his parked car. He pushed his father out of harm's way, but the oncoming car crushed Jason's left leg and right foot. Remarkably, he was able to call 911 himself.

But doctors weren't able to save his leg. In the next seven weeks, Jason underwent nine surgeries including skin grafts, fighting off infection. Before the accident, he had been interviewing for his dream job as an aerospace engineer.

The driver, Rodney Dean James, has been charged with two counts of vehicular assault. According to police documents, he had a breath alcohol content of 0.16 -- twice the legal limit -- the night of the incident. He pled guilty in court last week.

But now the Wong family has a pile of medical bills. Donations can be made to the "Save Jade West Cafe" at any Wells Fargo bank. Proceeds will help renovate the Wong home to accommodate a wheelchair and get a prosthesis for Jason.

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