twilight manllows

Thing you're a Twilight fan? This woman has made Twilight Manllows. For those lonely nights. Because hey, who wouldn't want a gigantic pillow in the shape of Jacob Black or Edward Cullen? Here's the product description on Etsy:
Manllow: half man, half pillow.

For all the twilight crazed lonely women in the world, Jacob Black is finally here to be with you and only you. Sleep with him, cuddle with him, use him as a neck rest, the Jacob Manllow is there to be your man and pillow all in one. Don't worry, in the Manllow world, all men are of age.

Made of soft cotton jersey, screen printed face, polyester stuffing and love.
These things seriously freak me out. She's apparently out of stock, but currently in the process of making more. So soon, you can have your own Edward or Jacob Manllow all to yourself. Or both, if that's your thing.

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