man donates kidney to his favorite supermarket cashier

Read this amazing story out of Chicago... Myra de la Vega, a cashier at Jewel-Osco suffering from renal failure, is receiving a new kidney from 52-year-old school social worker Dan Coyne: Cashier receiving customer's kidney today.

What's amazing is, prior to this, de la Vega and Coyne were just friendly strangers who regularly exchanged pleasantries at the supermarket checkout line.
Dan Coyne asked his favorite Jewel-Osco cashier, Myra de la Vega, if everything was all right. She didn't look well.

When he heard her story -- renal failure, dialysis eight hours a night, constant exhaustion -- he made a decision. He would give her one of his kidneys.

This decision happened two years ago, when, according to the Chicago Sun-Times, de la Vega was unsure how serious she was and still hoping her sister would be a good match. But she wasn't; Coyne, a 52-year-old school social worker, was.

So this Friday, they're heading to the operating room together, one man and his favorite smiling grocery-store cashier.
More here: Dan Coyne, Kidney Donor: Giving Kidney To His Favorite Jewel-Osco Cashier. What kind of person gives his kidney to a complete stranger in need, with no fear? They're out there. In Chicago, apparently.

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