"...why two nukes just wasn't enough..."

Oh no he didn't. RedHampshire.com (yeah, yeah, I know) points out a that New Hampshire State Representative Nick Levasseur was an ass on Facebook (okay, that happens all the time) the other day, when he updated his status with the following message:

First of all, why does he hate anime so much? There's lots of great anime out there! Maybe he just hasn't seen the right titles. Or maybe he prefers his cartoons more American. Whatever the case, he hates anime so much, he apparently thinks it would be appropriate to drop another nuclear bomb on Japan.

Forget the fact that hundreds of thousands of people were killed in the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, arguably two of the most horrifying days in human history. The state senator apparently believes the real human tragedy that two nukes did not prevent: Japanese cartoons.

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