east high to drop 'orientals' mascot

Remember East High, home of the fighting Orientals, in Akron, Ohio? Yes, their mascot is actually the "Orientals." According to a school superintendent, they're finally changing the damn nickname: Akron's East High sports teams no longer will be 'Orientals'.

Akron Superintendent David James says he is updating the district's anti-discrimination policy to drop the "Orientals" nickname for sports teams. East High School will have a new name for its teams when a newly renovated building opens next fall.

The updated anti-discrimination policy will prohibit the use of any name or symbol that stereotypes groups based on sex, race, ancestry or national origin or that could create a racially hostile or discriminatory environment.

So there you go. East High, which apparently uses a dragon mascot on football helmets, will no longer be the Orientals. It's absolutely ridiculous that the name has been around this long, and that it took an actual change in the district's anti-discrimination policy for the school to drop the name.

East High, go with 'Dragons.' Perhaps everyone will stop laughing at you. Now what about East High School in Rochester, New York? Yup, believe it or not, their mascot is also the Orientals.

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