glenn beck host: joe biden is "turning japanese"

It seems that the world will never run out of its supply of dumbasses. Yesterday on the March 31 broadcast of Premiere Radio Networks' The Glenn Beck Program, guest host Chris Baker made a weird-ass comment about Vice President Joe Biden's "Japanese" eyes: Beck sub Baker: Joe Biden is "turning Japanese ... look at that cat's eyes, man, he's turning into Joe Biden-san"
Joe Biden... I don't know if you've noticed, but he's turning Japanese. Have you noticed that? Look at that cat's eyes. He's turning into Joe Biden-san... What do you mean, 'racist'? That's not racist. It's an observation. He's the guy changing himself. Not me.
I don't even know what the hell that means. What kind nonsense is this idiot talking about? Is it like Pat Robertson, talking about the "Oriental" eyes? Listening to just a snippet like this, it makes little sense... but I can hardly think of a context where it would make sense anyway. The guy is talking out of his ass.

So we've got Senator Lindsey Graham's "liquored up on sake" remarks on Democrats and health care reform, New Hampshire State Representative Nickolas Levassur joking that "two nukes just wasn't enough," and now this. What's with all the anti-Japanese bullshit lately? (Thanks, Frida.)

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