grant imahara and craig ferguson's robot sidekick

Did you catch MythBusters' Grant Imahara on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson last night? He was there to unveil the "robot skeleton sidekick" Geoff Peterson, created especially for Ferguson, who is apparently a huge MythBusters fan: Grant Imahara on creating and unveiling Craig Ferguson's robot skeleton sidekick tonight: Geoff Peterson lives!
It started out as a series of jokes. Ferguson began calling his Twitter followers his "robot skeleton army." Imahara tweeted to Ferguson that, if the late-night host could get Imahara's Twitter-follower number to exceed 100,000, he'd build Craig a robot sidekick.

Ferguson, an avid fan of MythBusters ("We meet a lot of people who say they're fans," says Imahara, "but Craig can talk about any specific episode you name"), quickly promoted Imahara's Twitter feed, goosing the latter's numbers up over 120,000. "Now I wish I'd asked for a higher number," jokes Imahara.
If you're familiar with Imahara, you know he has a background in robotics, having worked on animatronic stuff like R2D2 and the Energizer Bunny. So now you've got your robot, Ferguson! Just be careful. Every robots-enslave-humanity nightmare narrative begins just like this...

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