last chance: did you send in your census form?

Did you fill out your census form? But wait! The campaign to count our community continues! In the next phase of the 2010 Census, representatives from the Census will begin visiting U.S. households. Yes, if you didn't send in your form, expect a knock on your door.

Starting next month, Census workers will be giving a friendly visit to households who have not turned in their initial Census 2010 form. If you would not like to meet a Census representative, make sure you mail in your 2010 Census form by April 19th -- um, that's today. It's easy, private, and vital for you and your community.

If you've turned in your 2010 Census form already, you can satisfy your competitive streak by checking in the TAKE 10 MAP to see how your hometown is doing. Is your region one of the top 50 that hasn't turned their 2010 Census forms in?

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