more details on the koreatown reality show

Okay, ever since news of this Koreatown reality show got out, I've received all sorts of inquiries -- from people who want to audition, or folks just really really looking forward to watching it -- for more information.

Let me make it clear: I have nothing to do with the production of this show. Like many of you, I'm simply an interested observer. I don't have much more information about show than what I've previously posted.

However, our friends at KoreAm have managed to dig up some new details about the casting process: The Details of the Upcoming Koreatown Reality Series! According to a source a the production company, a preliminary cast as already been put together. It includes:
-"Three typical-looking Koreatown d-bags with spiky hair"

-"One really ditzy crazy girl–but she's nice"

-"One girl who is an aspiring singer but used to be a meth addict"

The same source also tells me that filming has already begun and that the entire crew was even filmed at a local Koreatown noraebang singing 2NE1 songs–"Tyrese was there too," the source quips.
Sounds like an ensemble that Snooki and The Situation would be proud of. Though they've got people in place, the cast isn't completely locked down yet. Here are some sample questions from the application:
(8) Are there any nude or other revealing or compromising images of you that are available publicly either through the Internet, video or otherwise? If so, please describe and explain.

(13) Do you drink alcohol? If so, how often do you drink and how much? How do you act when drunk?

(17) Do you have a temper? How often do you lose your temper? What provokes you? How do you deal with anger?

(18) How many fights have you been in? When was the last time (if any) you hit, punched, kicked, or threw something in anger? Please provide details.

(23) How often do you frequent these types of establishments in Koreatown? (Specify per week, month, year, etc.)

(25) Have you experienced “booking” at a Korean night club? What are your thoughts on this practice?
The questions should give you an idea of the kind of personalities they're looking for. Maybe you've got what it takes to be on the show. For more information, email asianrealityshow@yahoo.com, or check out the details on Facebook here.

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